Frequently Asked Questions

Did my reference complete a form in support of my application?

You will be sent an email as each of your references submit their response.
For example,

Dear John Smith:
This is to advise that questionnaire 'Spouse's Personal Information' has been submitted by Jane Smith in support of your application.

will be sent to after John's wife completes her reference form.

Why can't I create an account?

Most likely that email address is (1) already used for an application or (2) awaiting confirmation. If already in use, you can continue your current application (Password Recovery) or begin again with a different email address. See 'Where's my Email?' for additional ideas.

Where's my email?

Often missing Admissions Emails are found in junk mail folders. Emails will be sent moments after creating accounts or using password recovery.

Despite our best email policy efforts, some aggressive anti-spam software may block emails from our Admissions department. Any official contact from The Master's Seminary will be from an address ending with or

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