1. Faculty Lecture Series

    Since 1997, the seminary has set aside several days in chapel for the faculty to address particular issues related to theology, biblical studies, and controversial issues within Christianity. The annual Faculty Lecture Series is held early in the Spring semester. For the last several years, the lectures have been incorporated into a thematic issue of Master's Seminary Journal where the full scope of the research and organization of the material can be presented.

  2. Winterim Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series

    Since 1990 The Master's Seminary has offered a special course in the "winterim" period between the Fall and Spring semesters. Entitled the Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series, the seminary invites outstanding evangelical scholars from the areas of New Testament, Old Testament, Theology, and Bible Exposition to lecture on specialized topics in their area of expertise. The classes are open to current students and graduates and offer two units of academic credit.

  3. Israel Field Studies

    The Master's Seminary conducts an annual study trip to Israel in connection with the IBEX extension campus of The Master's College. The trip is typically three weeks in May, and is led by seminary faculty.