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Book Review

Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life - by Fitzpatrick, Elyse M.

Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2010. 224 pp.
Reviewed by Adrienne Hull, wife of TMS student Daniel Hull

“In our pursuit of godliness have we left Jesus behind?” This is the question Elyse Fitzpatrick asks believers to consider in her book Because He Loves Me. The book unveils the secret behind every believer’s struggle with sin and calls each of us to “gospelized obedience.”

The author writes, “the Gospel is for every day.” She asks her reader to re-examine the relevance of Gospel truth—Christ’s incarnation, His earthly ministry, atoning death and resurrection—to the daily struggle to overcome sin and please God. She contends that a believer fails in personal holiness because she has forgotten the practical implications of God’s love as shown through Christ. Daily applying the truth of her identity, position and hope in her loving Savior gives the believer the proper motivation for obedience. Fitzpatrick shows readers how God’s Word links “Gospel declarations” (truths about Christ’s work on our behalf) with “Gospel obligations” (commands to obedience and personal holiness). “Gospel declaration” must be understood before we are able to obey the “Gospel obligations.” Those who seek to serve God out of personal pride and self will or an overwhelming sense of duty are not truly pleasing God—no matter how strongly they desire to please Him. What a simply astounding message Because He Loves Me delivers. Elyse breathes life back into the Gospel message for every believer who has been attempting to “pick themselves up by their boot strings” and ‘act’ like a Christian by following a checklist or a behavioral formula. The reader will be called to view obedient living in a new light, that of God’s love through the Gospel.

Read this book; meditate upon its teaching, and you may never see sin and holiness the same way again. You will, by God’s grace, discover the secret to personal obedience as you view God’s love afresh and His grace unchanged.

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