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Book Review

WordFilled Families: Walk in Truth - by Barnett, John S.

Tulsa, OK: Müllerhaus Publishing, 2009. 361 pp.
Kimberley Draper, wife of TMS student Jeremy Draper

In his letter to the Colossians, Paul encourages them, “Let the word of Christ dwell richly within you,” Col. 3:16a). In his book, Word Filled Families, that is how John Barnett encourages today's believers to live. When we let the Word of Christ into our souls it will change our lives, our marriages and our families!

Dr. Barnett describes the Word-filled life as, “welcoming His Word into our hearts, minds, and will by embracing Jesus and His way as our own.” He applies this truth to four areas: having a Word-filled life, marriage, family and prayer life.

He first encourages each individual to cultivate a spiritual walk filled with God’s Word. The author next spends a good portion of the book on the subject of a Word-filled marriage. He exhorts husbands and wives to fulfill their God given roles as they are clearly defined in Scripture. John MacArthur commented, “Dr. John Barnett reminds us that the best and most important way Christians should be seeking to counter the trends of a marriage-hostile society is by making the Word of God the center and the focus of their own marital life.”

In 3 John 4 the Apostle John writes, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth,” and Dr. Barnett encourages his readers to make this their greatest joy as parents. He says that the ultimate goal for parents should be to lead their children to love God. He uses four biblical examples of dads who lived a Word-filled life in encouraging his male readers to pursue this goal. His wife also writes a wonderful chapter on the role mothers play in discipling their children.

Dr. Barnett commits the final chapters of the book to the subject of prayer, urging readers to pray because it is powerful. He says, “The key to unleashing prayers that God always answers is to have them flowing from a Word-filled life.”

This book was both encouraging and challenging. I learned that I must focus on filling my life with the Word of God continually and seek to be an example of Christ to my children. I would recommend this book to everyone but especially to parents desiring to raise children who “walk in truth.”

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