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Book Review

The Excellent Wife Day by Day - by Eiler, Karen

Bemidji, MN: Focus, 2011. 211 pp.
Whitney Hauser, wife of TMS student Jason Hauser

Most of us are familiar with the book, The Excellent Wife, written by Martha Peace. In that book, she outlines a wife’s responsibilities to Christ, her husband, and in her home. Karen Eiler's book, based on the Martha Peace book, is designed to reinforce the biblical truths laid out in Peaceʼs book in a five-days-a-week devotional format. Although I have only read through part of the devotional book, it has proved to be beneficial as I leave my morning devotions with humility and conviction.

The book presents many circumstances that wives might face in a lifetime of marriage. It shows how to deal biblically with these scenarios and how to respond in a godly way as the wives we are called to be. Some of the situations the book addresses are:

•How do I submit to my husband when he is completely unreasonable?

•How do I deal with an angry husband?

•What if my husband doesn't provide for us?

•How do I respond to my unsaved husband?

•How can I love my husband, even when I don't feel like it?

•How can I be more consistent in my walk with Christ?

In addition to the brief scenario and solution given each day, there is also a verse on the page that pertains to the situation as well as an application section with practical ways to live out the lesson that has been taught. Every week there is a new Scripture to memorize as well.

This devotional book is a great complement to The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. Reading this devotion weekly aids us as wives by keeping these truths at the forefront of our mind and heart. This book helps to disciple us to become ever more excellent wives

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