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Book Review

A Handbook for Minister's Wives - by Patterson, Dorothy Kelley.

Nashville, TN: B & H Publishing Group, 2002. 236 pp.
Reviewed by Victoria Zekveld, wife of TMS Student Andrew Zekveld

As wives of Seminary students, we anticipate the time when our husbands will be called to a ministry where we can settle down and get involved. However, in this there are also concerns about the unknown, hopes for opportunities to serve, and expectations of what it will be like to be the wife of a man in ministry. There are many great resources available to help prepare us, and Dorothy Patterson's A Handbook for Minister's Wives is one of them.

Mrs. Patterson is the wife of Paige Patterson, who has served in many leadership positions with the Southern Baptists, including being a pastor for many years, serving as president of the convention and also president of two different seminaries. She is often referred to as the “First Lady” in these different ministries. Today, her husband is the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.

The book is a collection of the author’s experiences and wisdom gained over many years as a minister’s wife. She writes to encourage, exhort, convict and help those who are going into ministry as well as those who have served for many years. The book’s topics cover every aspect of life: church, spiritual issues, personal, family and home arenas. From how to hold a proper tea party and be a good hostess, to time management and being an efficient homemaker, one can only be amazed at the wealth of knowledge and great ideas she has! There is also a special devotional aspect to Mrs. Patterson’s writing which puts the book’s practical content into a heavenly perspective.

Reading this handbook is almost as good as sitting at the author’s feet and learning from this wise and godly woman personally! I have already found this book useful and cannot wait to implement more of Mrs. Patterson’s ideas in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and recommend it to all who are preparing or desire more equipping for the ministry that lies ahead.

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