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Book Review

Sweethearts for a Lifetime--Making the Most of Your Marriage - by Mack, Wayne and Carol.

P & R Publishing, 2006. 298 pp.
Reviewed by Jody Sauder, wife of TMS student Kevin Sauder

"How can married people keep a good thing from turning into a bad thing? Or how can a married couple make a good thing an even better thing as they go through life together? Answer: they must be committed to fulfilling the purposes that God, who is the Author of marriage, had in mind when He instituted the marriage relationship.” (pg. 47) The previous quote sums up the main theme of Sweethearts for a Lifetime. It is practical, helpful and exciting to read. Wayne and Carol Mack have done a wonderful job articulating the wisdom they have learned in their own marriage relationship, as well as clearly stating what the Bible has to say about marriage and its roles and purposes.

The book is divided into three main sections. Section one focuses on “How to Keep a Good Marriage Going.” The reader is encouraged to think about the purposes, priority, purity, perspiration, permanence, and preeminence of the marriage relationship. Section two and three highlight the husband’s roles and responsibilities, and the wife's roles and responsibilities. The Macks have included various discussion questions and application methods to probe the depths of the reader’s heart concerning his or her marriage at the close of each chapter. Each chapter is convicting and is focused on bringing a husband and wife closer together through the course of time. It has been a joy to read and a resource that my husband and I plan to use to bring God glory within our own marriage.

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