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Book Review

Stop and Look series (for children) - by Drion, Donna

DayOne Publications, 2008. 32 pp. each

Donna Drion, wife of TMS student Tom Drion, developed this series of three books to teach young children in her Sunday School the basic truths of Christianity in an attractive and readable form. She wrote and illustrated the books, using funny little characters called “Chublets,” to help children think about the Creation and themselves as God’s wonderful work, and to introduce them to the One who made the flowers as God come to earth to be the Redeemer from sin.

The first book looks at the wonderful things that God has made. It teaches children that they too are made by God and for Him. The second book looks at the many abilities and gifts that God has given us, and that the God who gave us eyes also sees us. The last book portrays the Gospel message to children in a simple way, conveying the need for personal obedience and good works not as a ‘work’ to earn salvation, but as a fruit of it!

What began as a tool to use in a local children’s work is now published and available for use by parents and Sunday School teachers seeking to communicate the gospel and a sense of awe and wonder at the Creation to young Sight will find this book a helpful resource.

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