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Book Review

The Hospitality Commands - by Strauch, Alexander.

Littleton, CO: Lewis & Roth Publishers, 1993. 64 pp.
Reviewed by Erica Melicharek, wife of TMS student Anthony Melicharek

This short, yet powerful book provides a thorough examination of the Scriptures regarding God’s purposes for hospitality as well as His expectations for His people in this area. Alexander Strauch clearly yet gently calls Christians to fulfill the Lord’s command for us.

Hospitality is beneficial for strengthening the body of Christ, ministering to those in need and as a platform for evangelism. It is also a helpful tool in the instruction of children in godliness as they are influenced by the ministry taking place in the home and by the Christian visitors they encounter there.

The Lord is teaching me to be more responsive to His words about hospitality and it was a joy and a help to read this book. In our busy lives we can be tempted to put hospitality on the back-burner. There are many reasons for neglecting opportunities to be hospitable: we may think that we are too tired, too busy, lack the resources to host others or feel we simply don’t have the ‘gift’ of hospitality. Mr. Strauch shows us in this book that these are worldly ways of thinking, and are not based on Scripture.

On a personal note, I have had the privilege of attending the church Mr. Strauch helps to shepherd in Colorado. He, along with the body of believers there, have naturally and graciously extended warm hospitality to us. I also know of another seminary family who visited the church, and the Strauchs welcomed the whole (large) family into their home. These are evidences that the author is one who is living out what he preaches and the people under his care are doing the same.

This is a “quick read” and will be a valuable book for someone whose mind needs to be renewed and transformed (Rom. 12:2) regarding the topic of hospitality. It also includes a guide meant to lead a group through a three-session study of the topic. I would encourage anyone to read this book, especially those who feel that they just don’t have the ‘gift’ of hospitality. You may be surprised and encouraged by what you discover!

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