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Precious in His Sight: The Fine Art of Becoming a Godly Woman - by Ennis, Patricia

TrustedBooks, 2006. 187 pp.
Book Reviewed by Barbara Barrick, wife of TMS Professor Dr. Bill Barrick.

Dr. Patricia Ennis, professor and founding Chairperson of the Department of Home Economics, at The Master’s College, in Santa Clarita, California, has made a helpful contribution to discipleship for women with her most recent book, Precious in His Sight: The Fine Art of Becoming a Godly Woman. In it, she provides a biblical response to the age-old question, “What does the Lord require of me?” drawing on her own spiritual pilgrimage, issues God has dealt with in her life, as well as observations of women she has known over the years.

The book is divided into three sections: “The Godly Woman and Her Spiritual Life,” “The Godly Woman and Her Relationships,” and, “The Godly Woman and Her Emotions.” Each of the books’ twenty five chapters has a lesson based on a biblical principle that is important for every Christian woman to learn, followed by a study of Scriptures related to the principle, verses to meditate on, and a series of options for further study. Dr. Ennis ends each chapter with a “Principle to Ponder” which helps the reader apply the principle to her own life.

The book’s strengths are its practicality, readability, and the variety of topical studies it offers. Acrostics, bullet points and charts help readers understand and retain key points. The author bases each principle on the teaching of God’s Word and uses what she calls a “Scripture grid” to demonstrate the biblical basis of all points.

With this book, a notebook, pen, and Bible, a woman could study for hours with great profit to her spiritual growth. Although it can serve as a devotional or independent study, the book’s best use would be for discipling with another woman in a Titus 2 kind of relationship. The book’s variety of options for topical Bible studies also makes it an excellent book for someone who needs direction in her devotional life or clear guidance on how to become the woman God wants her to be. In addition, the woman who wants to know how she can achieve a gentle and quiet spirit will find this book helpful.

All women who desire to know God more, to be an example of the believer, and to be a woman who would be Precious in His sight.

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