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Book Review

Men and Women, Equal Yet Different - by Strauch, Alexander.

Littleton, CO: Lewis & Roth Publishers, 2007. 117 pp.
Reviewed by Donna Drion, wife of TMS student Tom Drion

In many cultures and religious systems throughout the world women are, and have been, abused and down trodden. Praise God that His Word commands no such thing; instead it teaches us that God created male and female in His image. We are equal and yet from the very first created with different roles by God. We are different by design - God's design!

This short study into the Biblical passages on gender is very instructive and convicting. It is a great study to help women in understanding our God given roles from the Bible and how to defend this to others.

After briefly outlining current views on male-female roles within the professing church, the book’s remaining chapters begin with a conversation between a young college student and his pastor. The young man is seeking answers to questions such as: “What does the Bible teach about gender distinctions? How can we answer others who say that the Bible is not relevant or does not mean what it says?” As the title suggests, the answers to these questions come from a careful study of Bible passages. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make the book useful for individual or small group study.

This book is not an easy read, but well worth the effort it requires to digest the content. As I read I discovered truths that impacted my thinking and actions as a wife and mother.

I would encourage Christian women to read this book and rejoice in the wonderful role the Lord has planned for us, and the dignity the Word of God gives to all women.

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