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The Cup and the Glory - by Harris, Gregory H.

The Woodlands, TX: Kress Christian Publications, 2006. 170 pp.
Reviewed by Julie Sandfrey, wife of TMS student Michael Sandfrey

Do you pray for a deeper, closer walk with our Lord Jesus Christ? Do you desire deeper blessings and a greater understanding of what Christ has done for you? Is the goal of your life to follow Jesus Christ and Him alone? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you must read The Cup and the Glory by Dr. Greg Harris. In this book Dr Harris shows how for many, suffering precedes the glory of deeper fellowship and a closer walk with Christ.

The title refers to the fact that before the glory of resurrection and His return to the Father’s right hand, Christ first had to drink the cup of suffering that God placed before Him. Many times, we desire the glory but are unwilling to partake of the cup, which may be the very means God uses to bring the glory. One example of this truth is in Mark 10:35-41. James and John ask Jesus to sit with Him in His glory, one on His right and one on His left. Jesus responds by asking them if they are able to drink the cup that He will be drinking. The disciples will receive the glory they desire only after drinking the cup.

Dr. Harris uses both God’s Word and his own life’s struggles to help us see how suffering can bring us into closer fellowship and a deeper walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. “If responded to properly, (and that is not at all a given), suffering forces us to find comfort and mercy in the present fellowship with Jesus and look to Him for hope for the future.” What a great encouragement to continue to trust the Lord and His sovereignty in our lives. However, Dr. Harris reminds, “It is one thing to ask for deeper blessings. It is quite another to stand firmly during the refining process that makes us fit to receive what we ask.”

The Cup and the Glory will cause readers to examine their heart, their love for God and the trust they place in Him when facing suffering. Tough questions such as: “Do you love God and trust Him during the dark times of suffering or only when He brings good things into your life?” will challenge readers to evaluate their desire to have a closer, deeper walk with God.
This book changed my life as it took me down my personal path of suffering from a new perspective. It is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to grow spiritually and desires to understand the role suffering can play in this process.

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