Copy Service

Two photocopy machines are located in the circulation center for patron use. The copiers work on a "copy card" system where the patron purchases a "rechargeable" debit card from the dispenser located in the Circulation Area in the copier alcove. The initial price for a card is $1.00, which has $.50 credit for copies (the other $.50 covers the actual cost of the card). The cards can be credited at the dispenser with any amount of money the patron desires. The cards are placed into the copiers, which debit the card for the amount of copies made. PATRONS SHOULD WRITE THEIR NAMES ON THEIR CARDS WITH THE BLACK MARKER PROVIDED ON THE COUNTER TO PROTECT AGAINST LOSS. The library is not responsible for lost cards, but those with names on them are kept at the Circulation Desk until claimed. The Library also provides a three-hole punch, stapler, and paper cutter near the copier. Blank transparencies are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk and are $.10 each. Copies made on the Microform reader/printer are $.10 each and should be paid for at the Circulation Desk.

Computer Services

Computers in the library and the computer terminals at each study station are connected to a sub-network of the Seminary/Grace Church Computer network and allow for a variety of computer services in the library. Computers located in the Reference Room will perform OPAC functions only. Computers in the Periodical Room can access OPAC and the Internet. There are also six (6) OPAC computers located in the basement. All printouts made at any of these locations are $.10 each and should be paid for at the Circulation Desk. There are a small number of computers available for seminary student use only in the basement study carrels. These computers have word processing capabilities, OPAC, and Internet access. Items created here may be printed on the library laser printers. These printers are located at the Circulation Desk and copies cost $.10 each. When you print out a job you may pick up the item at the Circulation Desk.

Every study area in the building has a computer network terminal. Seminary students may connect to the computer network with their own laptop computer (you may not bring in desk top CPU's to study carrels). Students should see the seminary office receptionist for laptop set up and account information.

It should be noted that the network is automatically checking individual workstations when they are on the Internet at all times. Patrons found accessing sexually explicit or other inappropriate sites on either their own computers or library computers will immediately be expelled from the library and have all privileges revoked. Seminary or College students found violating this policy will also face further disciplinary action from their respective institutions.

SCATLA Borrowing Privileges

The Southern California Area Theological Library Association grants borrowing privileges among its member libraries to faculty and students of The Master's Seminary. Those who wish to use this service must obtain a borrowing card from the Circulation Desk, approved and signed by the seminary librarian, before going to a cooperating library. Patrons are expected to follow the guidelines of the host library concerning circulation procedures, overdue fines, etc. Contact the Circulation Desk for a list of cooperating libraries and a borrowing card. Tape Duplicator: A tape duplication machine is available in the copier alcove. All blank tapes for duplication must be purchased at the Circulation Desk. The cost is $1.00 per tape and includes tape case and label. Personal blank tapes may not be used on the duplicator. Additionally, the library is not responsible for damage caused to individually owned "original" tapes that may occur during the process of duplication.

Used Book Sale

A set of shelves behind the Circulation Desk displays new and used books for sale. Check for titles periodically. Prices are located inside the front cover of the books. Occasionally the library also sells pieces of equipment or computers that are no longer in need. Prices are normally marked on the individual items. All such items are sold “as is” and the library accepts no liability or responsibility for the functionality of items sold.

Book Drop

During library operating hours, returned items should be dropped into the drop located to the left of the Circulation Desk. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON THE COUNTER. Reserve items should be returned to the ledge located to the right of the Circulation Desk. PLEASE DO NOT DROP RETURNED RESERVE ITEMS INTO THE BOOK DROP. An after-hours drop is located in the lobby display case and should be used only if the library is closed. If you are returning an overnight reserve book and the library is closed, please put it in the after-hours drop in the seminary lobby.

Rest Rooms

Rest rooms for men and women are located in the first and lower floors at the south end of the building.


Public telephones are located in the Student Lounge on the second floor. Be aware that the library staff cannot take personal phone calls (with the exception of medical emergencies) for patrons. Please do not ask friends or family to call you at the library.

Lost and Found

The library keeps lost items at the circulation desk for an average of one month. While every effort is made to determine ownership of an item, any unclaimed items will be disposed of or put into the book sale.

Inter-library Loan

If the library does not own needed research materials a patron may request the material through the Interlibrary Loan Service. As a member of an on-line bibliographic system (OCLC), the library has access to over 100 million book, journal, thesis, and dissertation titles in North America and Europe. It takes an average of three weeks to receive material.

General Policies

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are available to all TMS students, faculty, staff, alumni, and non-TMS patrons that hold a current TMS library card. All loan requests must be checked by the patron against our current library holding prior to placing the request. Information given on the request form must be as complete as possible, especially for periodical articles. In general, audio-visual materials are not available through ILL.

Borrowing Charges

Any charges incurred in borrowing items through ILL are charges by the lending library.The library does not charge for ILL requests or loans. When charges exist for the ILL, the fee must be paid by the patron prior to checking out the item. A $5.00 fee will be assessed to any patron (student or faculty) who does not pick up an item he has requested. The patron must be willing to pay at least $5.00 per book or dissertation requested. Because of rising costs, as much as $5.00-$10.00 can be charged by other libraries, though a reasonable effort will be made to borrow the book at no charge. The patron will be notified if a book is available only from a library that charges more than the $5.00 fee. If the patron is unwilling or unable to pay above the $5.00 fee, the book or dissertation will not be ordered. Non-faculty patrons requesting periodical articles must be willing to pay a minimum of $5.00 per article. A reasonable effort will be made to keep the cost under the $5.00 fee. If the charge is over $5.00, the patron will be contacted for approval before the request is ordered. TMS faculty will be charged for costs above $10.00.

Renewals and Overdue Fine

If a book will be needed longer than the lending library has allowed, a patron must make a renewal request of the library staff on or before the due date. Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library, and at times a book will be sent with a note that there will be no renewals available. A fine of $1.00 per day will be charged for books not returned by the due date.