At The Master's Grace Library much of our effort is focused on assisting patrons with basic research problems, "Ready Reference" or general information types of questions. We have expanded that service to those who access our library via The Master's Seminary Online. We are happy for you to use the below form and submit questions or requests for information. While our primary focus is questions related to theology, biblical studies and practical ministry, please feel free to submit inquiries on any subject.

While we make every attempt to answer and provide a response as quickly as possible, please remember that our workload may cause a delay in our response to you. Normally, you should allow 2-3 days to receive a reply answer (longer over a weekend or during the holidays). Occasionally for specialized matters I might "farm them out" to a member of the seminary or college faculty, or a member of an affiliated ministry (Grace Community Church or Grace to You) who I think is better able to respond to your question.

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