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Issue #196

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Severe Mercies in the Heart of Uganda

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TMS Alumnus (M.Div '02) Shannon Hurley, along with his wife Danielle and family have been missionaries in Uganda since 2002.  Their ministry is called Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries.

While driving in his 4-wheel drive vehicle about an hour from home, Shannon and his fellow Ugandan passengers noticed a crowd growing on the side of the road.  He quickly pulled to the side only to notice a man sitting, bleeding into the gutter.  Shannon came closer and noticed that the man’s leg was literally severed from his body with the exception of a thin piece of muscle, the rest of his leg dangling behind him.  Shannon asked the police officer standing nearby what was being done for the man.  The police officer had been trying to reach an ambulance for over thirty minutes, but without success.  The police officer agreed to provide an escort to the hospital if Shannon would provide transportation for the patient.

Shannon and his friends picked up the weak man, while another actually carried his severed leg behind them.   They loaded him into the back of their vehicle, and headed to the International Hospital while one of the Ugandans witnessed to the dying man during the commute.  Shortly after arrival, the patient was given a blood transfusion and underwent surgery to complete the amputation of his thigh.  Within one week, amazingly, he was strong enough to go home, but where would he go? 

The patient was a “boda” driver by profession.  A “boda” is the local term for a motor-bike taxi.  The day that Shannon and his friends helped the man, he had been hit by a truck and drug under its wheel for several meters, severing his leg.  He was left to either bleed to death in the gutter or to probably die at the overcrowded government hospital.

Without his leg, the 27-year old would be left to spend the rest of his life as a neglected invalid in his home village.  So, one week after the accident, the patient (now affectionately known by our family as Charles ~ see picture below) became an extended member of the Hurley household.  He began the preparation for a prosthetic leg.   

Traditionally Catholic, Charles agreed to the requirement of weekly discipleship and Bible Study as a member of our home.  Soon Charles was found hungrily pouring over his Luganda Bible for several hours each day.  His prayer requests frequently pleaded for more understanding of the Scriptures and of salvation.  To our delight, the third evening of the January "Highly Exalted God" conference, Charles boldly stood and eloquently shared his testimony.  He passionately proclaimed God’s grace in His life, how God had not only spared His life, but had saved His soul.  As a result, he desired to serve God for the remainder of his days on earth.   

Please pray with us for Charles and Shannon and his family as they continue their ministries of mercy in Uganda. You can visit their website at www.sosministries.com.

Together for the Gospel,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations
The Master’s Seminary

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