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  "These are extraordinary teaching resources which no church should be without. With them, you can greatly enrich your ministry of the Word. They would enhance your Sunday evening services, midweek services, Bible institute classes and much more."

Dr. John MacArthur

Dear Friend of TMS,

As an alumnus or friend of The Master's Seminary, our common bond is our doctrine. Not a week goes by without someone contacting our ministry asking if we know of a church in a particular city that teaches the doctrine taught at TMS.

In fact, when I hear of the challenges that so many churches are experiencing today, they can nearly always be traced to one root issue—the lack of a unified understanding of the Scriptures. At the core of every church split, church discipline, or disunity in the church is the manifestation of faulty theology.

If there was a gift that I, personally, could give to every church, it would be that of a unified, harmonious leadership. Ultimately, as you know, that unity can only come through a leadership of elders and deacons that is like-minded in doctrine, tethered to the same biblical and theological moorings.

In an effort to assist every pastor and leadership team in reaching this goal, I want to offer you a package of four theology classes on DVD that will help facilitate this like-mindedness in your church. These theology classes are from The Master’s Seminary and are the very same ones you would receive if you attended the seminary in person.

The four theology courses, consisting of 100 DVDs, are available on our website for $4,200. However, you and your church can purchase all four courses, plus class syllabi, for $995—less than the cost of one class!

Can you imagine the unity and impact of your church if every one of your church leaders shared the same biblical and theological foundation? That is why I am making this offer, at a price any church can afford and, quite literally, can’t afford to be without.

I pray that the Lord would use these DVDs for the benefit of your church and for His glory. May your efforts and those of your ministry staff to shepherd biblically be greatly enhanced as you study through these courses.

Yours for the Master,

John MacArthur
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