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2008 Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series

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2008 Distinguished Scholars
Lecture Series

"The Letter of James: A Call to Wholistic Christianity"
  Guest Professor:   Dr. Douglas Moo
Dates:   January 7—12, 2008
Time:   8:00a.m.—12:30p.m.

Throughout the Scriptures we are reminded of the necessity for right living as well as right believing. Because nowhere is that expressed more vividly than in the epistle of James, we are pleased that Dr. Douglas Moo will be on campus to teach this book. Seeking to live out the exhortations of James, Dr. Moo has a plaque hanging in his office which reads, “Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself.”

The course will center on an in-depth study of the background, text, and implications of this practical NT epistle. Students can expect to advance in their exegetical and expositional skills and be challenged afresh to live the whole Christian life.

While the course is designed for seminary students and alumni, pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers are encouraged to take advantage of this course as special students. Please contact Dana Hilborn for more information (818-909-5642; dhilborn@tms.edu), or visit our website at www.tms.edu.

Dr. Douglas Moo is the Blanchard Professor of New Testament at Wheaton Graduate School. He received his Ph.D. from University of St. Andrews (Scotland). Dr. Moo is the well-known author of the Romans volume in The New International Commentary (1996) and the volume on James in The Pillar New Testament Commentary, (2000). His Introduction to the New Testament, co-authored with D.A. Carson, is now in its 2nd edition (2005). Dr. Moo

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