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Dr. Rosscup's Book on Prayer

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After 15 years of diligent research and more than one thousand references, TMS Professor of Bible Exposition, Dr. Jim Rosscup has completed a monumental exposition of every prayer mentioned throughout the Bible (61 of the 66 books). The volume is packed with fluid expositions, encyclopedic discussions, careful cross referencing, and contextual notations. Because of its exhaustive length —over 2900 pages— Logos Bible Software has recommended that it be published in a digital format rather than in hardcopy. 

Desiring to be prudent with their resources, Logos Bible Software is asking visitors to their website to please show pre-publication support.

 Click here to show pre-publication support.

This type of response is necessary for the work to become available.  There will be notes of recommendation from Christian leaders, such as Dr. MacArthur, but please take a minute to show your support as well.

Please also pray about this work and thank you for your support. We know that this work is for God’s glory and will aid our ability to learn more about prayer.

Reflecting on how the “thousands of hours left a great impact on my life and kindled my zeal for prayer,” Dr. Rosscup prays that his exposition of these prayers “will prove fruitful for you.”


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