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TMS Bible Training in Haiti with French MacArthur Study Bible

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The letter below from TMS graduate Anthony Kidd, (M.Div, 2001) will remind you to please pray for Haiti where Pastor Carl Hargrove, TMS Faculty Associate in Pastoral Ministries, and several alumni recently visited:

"Grace and mercy to you and your co-laborers at TMS.  I wish you God’s choicest blessings and continued wisdom as you all serve the men during this upcoming semester.  May Christ’s glory rest heavy upon the hearts of the men as they pursue their ministry training.

On behalf of fellow TMS grads Carl Hargrove (M.Div., 1993, Th.M., 2006), George Hurtt (M.Div., 2006), Victor Sholar (M.Div., 2004), and current student Willio Destin, please allow me to share with you a summary of our recent ministry trip to Haiti.

As you may know, Willio is a Haitian native and believes God is leading him to return to Haiti for ministry upon graduation.  His vision is to establish a Bible training school in his home village of Grand Goave, which is 31 miles SW of the capital.  Our five day trip (July 30 – August 3) was foundational in nature.  We sponsored a Bible conference in which the five of us taught through a systematic theology that will serve as the official doctrinal statement for the training school.  The attendees consisted of a number of the village pastors, church workers, and Bible students.  Speaking in his native tongue of Creole, Willio served admirably as he taught and translated all of our sessions including several hours of questions and answers.  The Word was well received, and we believe there is a ripe harvest in need of trained workers.

In addition to our teaching, we interviewed twenty young men who are interested in seminary training.  Our plan is to prayerfully select five of these men and sponsor them to attend the Seminaire de Theologie Evangelique at Port-au-Prince.  Upon graduation these men will return to Grand Goave in order to serve as instructors at the Training school. 

Please beseech the Lord of the harvest on our behalf for there is still much work to be done.  Willio has a clear vision, and with God’s help and our continued support, we believe the Lord will use him mightily in the country of Haiti."

Sincerely yours,
Anthony D. Kidd
(TMS M.Div., 2001)

Your continued prayers for TMS students and the developing ministry in Haiti are greatly appreciated.  You can reach Willio Destin at destinywill45@hotmail.com.

Together for the Gospel,

Bob White
TMS Vice President for
Development and Operations


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