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Fall Regional Banquets in Greensboro, Tampa, and Atlanta

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With some 900 plus TMS alumni scattered all around the world, how can we, as a seminary, best serve and encourage them? How can we nurture a personal relationship with like-minded people who partner with us in training men for biblical ministry? How can we best explain who we are to prospective students who are wondering, “Should I attend seminary at TMS?”

Thinking on these things led the TMS Development and Admissions staff back in 2003 to birth what is known today as TMS Alumni Regional Banquets. Since then we have hosted banquets in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Omaha, Dallas, Tulsa, San Antonio, Colorado Springs, Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, and Jupiter, Florida. We have encouraged and been encouraged by hundreds of alumni and friends of the seminary, and watched as dozens of men said, "yes" to ministry and have trained for ministry at TMS.

This fall we are planning to host banquets in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Saturday, October 6th; Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday, October 9th; and Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday, October 11th.

If you are interested in attending or know people in these areas that may wish to attend, please follow the instructions below. You and your guests are cordially invited to join us for an evening of fellowship, worship, and dinner—our treat! If you have any questions, please email either Bob White, bwhite@tms.edu or Ray Mehringer, rmehringer@tms.edu.

Here is how to register: Click tms.edu and follow the instructions under The Master’s Seminary Highlights, "2007 TMS Regional Banquets." This will take you to “Please Save One of These Dates” and scroll down to the location that is convenient for you. Your guest is welcome to do the same or you can do it for them. Please note that you will need their address, phone and email. If you need accommodations for the evening, rooms are being held at each hotel the evening of the banquet, so please mention TMS for our preferred rates.

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