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TMS Graduate Testimonies (Part 1 of 2)

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For more than 20 years, the people of Grace Community Church have given faithfully and sacrificially to more than 900 students at The Master's Seminary. We would like to encourage you by sharing the following testimonies from several recent TMS graduates as they have expressed their thanks to the Grace Church family.

Joey Newton

The ministry of the Word here at Grace Church has given my family a solid foundation in biblical truth and the knowledge of God, and the testimony of the people has been instrumental in shaping us to be faithful lovers of Christ and His Word. When we leave Grace Church we will be taking with us hearts shaped by the people here, along with the desire to be to others what you have been to us. This is the great impact of the ministry of Grace—it isn’t localized to a few acres in Panorama City but is momentous in encouraging and influencing the church universal.

Wade Grubbs

There were many aspects of The Master’s Seminary that drew me and my wife to Los Angeles, but it was a 46-foot walk that ultimately made TMS the most advantageous choice. That 46 feet is all that separates TMS and Grace Community Church. I’ve heard this distance described as “the bridge between theory and practice,” and this is part and parcel to my own experience here at Grace Church. As I prepare to join the men who have gone before me, I know they would agree when I say that the 46 feet between the seminary and the church is one of the sweetest pieces of land I have ever had the privilege to tread.

Joe Young

My seminary training would not be complete without the loving fellowship, instruction, and ministry experience Grace Church has provided to me and my family. My wife and I got to know each other shortly after I began my seminary training, and throughout our relationship the church has actively surrounded us with love, counsel, role models, and opportunities to grow. We have truly received a great labor of love as the leadership of Grace Church has personally sought to see Christ formed in us. God has greatly used Grace Church to equip us for a life of ministry. We are so thankful!



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