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TMS Grad Mark Vaughan Leads Outreach at Virginia Tech

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The following is a recent report from TMS Alumnus Mark Vaughan (M.Div. ’99), who is now serving as the senior pastor at Calvary Memorial Church (www.calvarymemorialroanoke.org) in Roanoke, VA.

I am overwhelmed with praise to God for the abounding joy of an incredible Gospel outreach on the Virginia Tech campus last Sunday afternoon and evening (4/22/07).  We thank God for those who donated materials and prayed. 

Many prayers were answered as the VT community was served by a couple hundred believers from the area.  Though believers enjoyed each other, they were incredibly faithful to get out of their comfort zone and go talk to students and strangers as we strived to show the love of Christ.  As a pastor, my heart was overflowing with joy and gratitude to God for His good fruit in and through His people.  And it is always a thrill to talk to so many people about Christ!   
We probably gave out over 75% of the materials and refreshments on Sunday, and most of the remaining items were gone quickly after Monday morning's balloon memorial by VT students.  About 4000 copies of John Blanchard’s Where's God When Things Go Wrong booklets (you can read it online at www.cvbbs.com) were given away on Monday, about 500 more will most likely be distributed by the end of the week.  Also, 500 CDs of an interview with John MacArthur will soon arrive and those should go quickly.
God alone knows the eternal fruit He will bear through all these investments.  We are glad to trust Him with results and to pray earnestly that He will save many lost souls and build up many believers through these truth-filled materials, personal conversations, and displays of love. 

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