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Four years of TMS theology at one Shepherds' Conference special price!

“These are extraordinary teaching DVD resources which no church should be without. With them, you can greatly enrich your ministry of the Word. They would enhance your Sunday evening services, midweek services, Bible institute classes, and much more.”
  -- Dr. John MacArthur

While 3,300 pastors attend our Grace Church Shepherds' Conference, we are offering them a group of DVD teaching resources for their churches at a one-time special price. We would like to extend the same offer to you for your church. 

  • Theology I: A study of the essence of systematic theology and God the Father.
    Prof. Andy Snider
    24 DVDs, Retail $1200

  • Theology II: A study of the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and angels
    Dr. Trevor Craigen
    24 DVDs, Retail $1200

  • Theology III: A study of man, sin, and salvation
    Dr. Trevor Craigen
    26 DVDs, Retail $1200

  • Theology IV: A study of the church, biblical covenants, and the end times
    Dr. Larry Pettegrew
    26 DVDs, Retail $1200


           Set of all four Theology courses:             $4800 $995 for TMS friends

To order from TMS website, please click here: http://www.tms.edu/SC2007.asp


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