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On October 1st, Grace to You started airing a weekly Bible-teaching program on a new satellite television network on DirecTV (channel 378) at 2:00 p.m. PDT.  During this time, video recordings of President MacArthur's sermons recently preached at Grace Community Church will be aired.

In the past, John has been reluctant to join the world of Christian TV.  The majority of religious television programming in America is controlled by a few networks with unsavory reputations.  False teaching, moral scandals, and financial irregularities have long characterized the largest segments of the religious television industry, and partnership with this is out of the question.
By contrast, the network we'll be partnering with is committed to a biblical approach to ministry. Our broadcasts will be part of a weekly block of teaching on Sundays during an hour we know many will be watching.  The strategy this new network is implementing stands in stark contrast to what you're probably accustomed to seeing from other TV ministries.  We simply want to communicate the truth of Scripture, and not to create a spectacle for TV with flashy sets, gaudy clothes, and theatrics.
Another reason why we have stayed out of television until now is the cost.  Starting and sustaining a television ministry independent from partnering with false teachers is extremely costly.  However, this opportunity the Lord has provided offers us an affordable and simple way to reach people all across the United States at once via satellite.
Today there are roughly 16 million households that subscribe to DirecTV.  We are grateful to this fresh and dynamic dimension added to our ministry to reach more people all over the country.  Several other pastors and ministries we know and respect are joining in this effort and are being featured as well.

Please pray for our President in this new ministry opportunity, and the continual furthering of God's kingdom in this avenue.

Bob White
Vice President
for Development and Operations
(818) 909-5624 phone
(818) 909-5725 fax
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