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Prayer Request: Penney Update

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Please continue to be in prayer with us for second year TMS student Daniel Penney and his wife, Roxy.

This is Daniel’s latest update for the TMS family:

Roxy has continued to do well with physical therapy and chemotherapy at the Neurological Rehab Unit at UCLA Medical Center, and we expect her to be released soon. She’s been growing in her upper-arm and lower-body strength, improving her balance, and gaining endurance with the wheelchair. We’ve been encouraged to learn that her brain is almost back to normal and the inflammation in her spine is gone. She’s also been battling a nagging muscle strain, an infection, and limited mobility with right arm. It continues to be a challenge day by day, but the Lord is very gracious in his providence.

We’ve been told that Roxy has a textbook case of Acute Disseminating Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). We’re encouraged that a large percentage of ADEM cases reach full recovery (within 1-3 years), and a small percentage experience a reoccurrence.

We thank everyone reading this for your service, prayers, and love. We’re in constant praise to the Lord for His church that has blessed us in so many ways! Please pray that Roxy’s transition from the hospital to ‘real life’ would go smoothly, that our trust in the Lord will grow, and that as we move in with unsaved family members, we’ll show Christ in our words and actions.

Upheld by His grace alone,

Daniel and Roxy Penney
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