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Urgent Prayer Request

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Please be in prayer with us for second year TMS student Daniel Penney and his wife, Roxy.

Daniel wrote this to the TMS family on Wednesday:

Roxy is currently in the Neurological Rehab Unit at UCLA Medical Center, with an expected exit time of 2-3 weeks. She has already done the first dose of Cytoxan, and the doctors are awaiting the full effect of it. They are hoping her immune system will be suppressed so that it could stop attacking her nervous system. At this point the physical therapists are working on building her muscles in her arms and upper body so that she can get as "independent" as possible before she is released.

We are beginning to face the possibility that Roxy may not have the ability to walk again.  How the Lord may use that in our lives, and how we might be able to minister to others, is something that both of us are excited to seek. Of course, pray for healing, but also pray that we can minister to others; first to other believers, and second to unbelievers (both family and hospital staff).

We miss all of you and hope to see you all soon!!

In His grace,

Daniel and Roxy Penney
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