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TMS Alumni Carlos Montoya and Adrian Donato in Central America Train Pastors

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Here at MEDA, we are currently evaluating each student as he preaches to the faculty and student body.  What a pleasure is has been to hear 22 sermons in eight days!  By God’s grace, all of our Preacher’s School students were able to graduate on December 3rd.
Praise the LORD with us, as He has allowed us to minister to 28 full time Pastors and 2 lay-leaders over the course of 2005 through the MEDA Preacher’s School.  He has also allowed us to minister to over 1445 men from all over Central America who are either pastor/elders, deacons, or teachers in their local churches through the MEDA conference ministry.  This year Adrian taught Spanish Grammar and Observation, as well as Greek in the Preacher’s School and he taught four conferences.  In addition to Adrian and our co-laborer Carlos Montoya teaching conferences, the men of Honduras also enjoyed the ministries of Dr. Evis Carballosa, Pastor David Diez, Pastor Luis Miguel Contreras, Ken Fuller, Mike Gendron, Dr. Michael A. Grisanti, Pastor Les Lofquist, Pastor Samuel Montoya, Dr. John Morris, and Dr. George Zemek.  What a blessed year it has been for the ministry!  In 2006, we will launch the MEDA Seminary for Expository Preaching.  We look forward to updating you on its progress.

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