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Canyon Ministries - Influencing the Influencers

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Each summer The Master’s Seminary and The Master’s College partner with Answers in Genesis and Canyon Ministries to take a specially invited group of Christian leaders through the Grand Canyon on a 187-mile rafting trip focused on teaching the biblical view of Creation and the Flood. Dr. Bill Barrick teaches Genesis 1–11, Dr. Terry Mortenson and Dr. Andrew Snelling teach the geological data, and Tom Vail organizes the trip and teaches on the history of the Grand Canyon. As co-sponsors, one professor each from TMS and TMC are invited on the trip each year.

The mix of men participating in this year’s Christian Leaders’ Grand Canyon Trip represent a wide range of views when it comes to the age of the earth. Most are strong young-earth creationists who want a better understanding of the scientific evidence supporting their position. Several are old-earth creationists who are open to thoughtfully considering both the biblical and scientific evidence for the young-earth view. A few "sit on the fence” regarding the age of the earth.

The geographical mix includes men from 3 continents, 4 countries and 22 different institutions. These men exert a wide influence in the Christian community through positions as seminary professors, Christian conference speakers, Christian media leaders, and pastors, as well as one seminary president. Many of them are authors and pursue various types of missionary activities around the world. Professors instruct in the fields of Old Testament, theology, Bible, archeology, philosophy/apologetics, and ethics.

Based on past trips like this, we are confident that this trip will have a significant impact on these men’s lives. Pray with us to that end. Pray also that the trip will impact their ministries when it comes to the authority of God’s Word, specifically Genesis 1–11, and the foundational support that science provides in upholding His Word. Some of them may become instrumental in influencing other strategic Christian leaders to join us on a future trip. Speaking of future trips, praise the Lord that six men have already placed the 2011 trip on their calendars.

Canyon Ministries has launched a Facebook page for this ministry. The page includes information on Canyon Ministries in general as well as the Christian Leaders’ Trip. See www.facebook.com


Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President for
Development and Operations

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