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TMS Announces Marriage and Family Course for $24.95

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Topics covered in this complete set of Marriage and Family lectures attended by students of The Master's Seminary include:

• Purpose of Marriage • Spouse and Child Abuse
• Divorce and Remarriage • Rebuilding after Adultery
• Roles of Husband and Wife • Preventing Adultery
• Physical Intimacy within Marriage • Parenting
• Communication and Conflict Resolution • Family Counseling
• Stewardship of Time and Priorities  

A second-generation pastor for 28 years, Dr. John Street serves as Vice President of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, is the chairperson of the graduate program in biblical counseling at The Master's College, and is a faculty associate in pastoral ministry at The Master’s Seminary.  John and his wife, Janie, attend Grace Community Church where he is an elder.

Click here to order online.  For any questions, please contact Tanya ten Pas at (818)909-5619 or ttenpas@tms.edu.

Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President for
Development and Operations

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