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When Faith Costs

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Bruce Alvord (M.Div.'92, Th.M.'98) with his wife Aimee and family have been missionaries in Ukraine for the past sixteen years. In a recent newsletter, Bruce spoke about his pastor, Nikolai Ivanovich, sharing the good news with Natasha, a former Satanist, and her becoming a Christian.  She has been going to their church for the past six years. Her mother, who practices witchcraft, and hates Christianity so much that last week she beat Natasha, made her sleep on the kitchen floor, then in the morning threw her out of her own apartment!   Her mom had come to stay with Natasha and her twin sister in the city because there is no heat out in her village.

This isn’t the first time it has cost Natasha to stand for Jesus.  She was also beaten and left in a basement by her former Satanist friends because she became a Christian and tried to tell them about the Lord.  Bruce is asking for prayer for wisdom as Natasha stays with him and his family.  They are going to try to help her with some of her problems.  She also recently lost her job and has about $25 to her name.

Please pray for Natasha, that the Lord would provide her with a job, an apartment, a roommate, and that He would keep her strong in Him.  For the link to get more information on Bruce, Aimee and their church go to www.gracechurch.org/alvord.

Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President for
Development and Operations

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