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Issue #224

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Why I Want to Attend The Master's Seminary

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An incoming student sent this testimony of the decision-making process that led him to train for ministry at TMS.

"I want to attend The Master's Seminary because I know that God has called me to become a pastor and I feel the heavy responsibility to teach the word of God accurately and without compromise.  I have looked at other seminaries and talked with alumni from those schools.  The common theme among the other seminaries was that they had a curriculum that was broadly focused to prepare the student for many jobs in ministry, but they did not offer a theological education that focused on teaching the Word of God and preparing men to preach it.  I want to attend TMS because I feel it will prepare me to know and teach the Bible and fulfill my ministry goal of becoming a pastor/teacher in a local church.

I used the TMS website to locate and contact alumni of TMS and asked them to honestly tell me how they felt the school had prepared them for the positions of ministry that God has currently placed them in.  The response was very positive and each former student that I talked with said that they felt that God had used their time at TMS to prepare them theologically and spiritually for the work of the ministry and, without exception, each asked if they could pray with me about God's direction in my life.  That was the type of answer I was looking for and the kind of minister I want to become."

If you or someone you know is interested in attending TMS visit www.tms.edu or contact us at (818)782-6488.

Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President for
Development and Operations

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