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The Master’s Seminary is pleased to announce that we are now on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Using these new platforms, we will be posting frequent updates, linking to key resources, and providing substantive video content. Soon, we will also offer additional audio and video resources through iTunes U. 
So, how can you access the latest information and resources from TMS? Simply log on to our website http://www.tms.edu/ResourcesSocialMedia.aspx. There you will find links to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

With the click of a button you can join us in our venture out of the dark ages, into a world where theology meets technology.  To get started, we invite you to become a "fan" of TMS on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook icon above.  You can also link to our Twitter and YouTube channels the same way.

 Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations




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