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Issue #218

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TMS Alum Bruce Alvord Returns to Irpin Seminary

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After spending time working on an advanced degree, TMS Alumnus Bruce Alvord (M.Div.92, Th.M.98), pictured in the front row, center and his wife and family return to Irpin, “back in real ministry.” Below is an update from the Irpin Seminary -

"Irpin Seminary has some interesting new students. One is Madee, a Kazakhstanian, who had his earlier training at a Bible school started by one of Bruce’s former students, Oleg. What a thrill to see the fruit of Oleg’s work – a preacher from his training institute in Kazakhstan, now coming to Irpin for further training to reach his own Muslim nation for Christ! Another student starting our M. Div program this year is Alexander, who travels from Hanover, Germany.  They are both pictured with Bruce below -

PTL we are experiencing our usual problem at Irpin - more students wanting to study than there are spaces to do so.  Although entrance exams were taken last spring and students were turned away, there are still 15 more asking to be tested to see if somehow they could still be allowed to study the Word."

Please remember Bruce, Mandee, Alexander and the Irpin Seminary in your prayers. For further information on this and other Master's Academy International training centers, visit www.tmai.org.

Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations

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