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Veterans Use GI Bill to Fund Seminary Education

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God is Faithful

Ken Stiles is a current TMS student who, with his wife Jayme, made the long journey from Florida to begin his training.  Below, Ken shares his experience moving to California and how he is using the GI Bill to pay for his seminary education.

As we loaded up our 26-foot Penske moving truck, we could not help but be astounded by God’s faithfulness in the midst of utter chaos.  Earlier that morning, I resigned as a high school Math teacher, a job I had only for a short time as I had been honorably discharged from the Navy just three months prior.   Later that evening, my wife would be graduating from the University of North Florida.  In two day’s time, we would be en route to Los Angeles, something made possible only by a sovereign God who provides for His children.  You see, we owned (and still own) a home in Florida that we were not able to sell before moving to seminary.  God provided a precious apartment for us in Montrose that provides significantly reduced rent for seminary families, which meant that paying both our rent and our mortgage was now affordable.  God also provided by giving us a renter to live in our home shortly after we moved to California.  But the whole seminary discussion really started for me as my separation date from the Navy was approaching. 

While I was in the Navy, I paid into the Montgomery G.I. Bill, which after discharge now pays me cash every month as long as I am enrolled in an accredited institution.  My wife and I knew that we wanted to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, so we began researching seminaries in the U.S.  Over and over we kept hearing the same thing from pastors and students alike: The Master’s Seminary is the best seminary in the country!  After a visit to TMS, we knew that it was true.  We were so impressed and humbled by the godly faculty and their heart to train men.  So, nine months later, we drove that 26-foot Penske truck across the country and have never once regretted our decision. God graciously provided a rich uncle to pay for our entire move (Uncle Sam, that is!).  God has been so faithful to provide an affordable place to live, precious friends, an amazing church, and jobs that are perfect for both of us.  Although life in seminary is not easy, it has been the most fun my wife and I have had in our entire lives.  Our God has been faithful to provide for us every step of the way, and we trust that He will do the same for those He wills to come to Master’s in the future.

If you are interested in finding our more about applying for The Master's Seminary and even possibly putting the GI Bill to use, please contact Ken Stiles in the TMS Admissions Department at (818)909-5627 or visit www.tms.edu.

 Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations

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