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The focus of the Fall 2008 issue of The Master's Seminary Journal is “The Truth about Homosexuality.” This is a contemporary issue about which you must know what the Bible clearly teaches. This issue of TMSJ will prepare you for the inevitable opportunity to use its content.  Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master's Seminary, will introduce the topic with, “The Bible on Sexuality and Homosexuality” and professors of TMS will present the following:

“Cultural and Medical Myths about Homosexuality”
   by Dr. Michael Grisanti
“Marriage and Homosexuality”
   by Dr. Irv Busenitz
“Parenting and Homosexuality”
   by Dr. Rick Holland
 “The Biblical Response to Homosexuality”
   by Dr. Alex Montoya

The Seminary Journal is a combination of scholarly articles and pertinent book reviews with Spring and Fall editions.  You and/or your pastor will benefit from the research of the TMS Faculty. 

You may subscribe ($14 total for two issues...Fall and Spring) or renew your subscription to The Master's Seminary Journal online at www.tms.edu/journal.asp or call Tanya ten Pas at (818) 909-5619.

Dr. Richard Mayhue
Sr. Vice President and Dean
The Master's Seminary
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