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Regional Banquets - Questions Asked and Answers Found

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Wade Grubbs (M.Div '07) and his wife Natalie now live in Fayetteville, Georgia, where Wade is Associate Pastor of Students and Worship at Berachah Bible Church.  Below is his testimony of looking for a seminary and how the Regional Banquets were helpful to him.

Obeying God’s call into full-time, vocational ministry is a grueling and yet joy-filled process. The grueling part begins well before ever sitting in a classroom or opening up a book—it begins in what I like to call “The Dreaded Seminary Search.” It can be a daunting task really. The hard part is not in finding potential seminaries to attend; the hard part is sifting through the myriad of possibilities from which one has to choose. One can only learn so much from reading an impersonal website and digesting an institution's doctrinal statement.

This is why The Master’s Seminary Regional Banquets have such a special place in the hearts of my wife Natalie and I. Just prior to attending a banquet in San Antonio, Texas in 2003, TMS had met our objective criteria for seminaries and had thus made our top-five list of institutions we were considering. But it was meeting the people of this fine place that won us over. Natalie and I think fondly of that evening. It was there that God gave clear direction as to where He would have us spend the next four years of ministerial training. There was something about the very personal fellowship which was enjoyed at this banquet that communicated to my wife and me those intangible qualities that could never have been communicated through generic mail-outs and word of mouth references. The encouragement I received that evening from godly men (whom I would later call my professors) and Christ-honoring preaching quickly moved The Master’s Seminary to the top of my list. To be quite honest, the Banquet had reduced my list down to one. I knew from this very personal time with the faculty that TMS was a place serious about preparing men for ministry and that I wanted to take part in this serious work. When we attended the October 2007 Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia, it marked four years from when we enjoyed the experience of our first regional banquet. It will forever be a point in our lives to which we look back with overwhelming gratitude to God and The Master’s Seminary.

This year's Banquets will be held in New York on September 30 at the Long Island Marriott and in Washington D.C. on October 2 at the Washington Dulles Marriott.  For further information, please see our website www.tms.edu.

 Together for the Gospel,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations

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