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Josiah and Crystal Grauman Serving Pastors in Mexico City

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Josiah Grauman (M.Div.'07), his wife Crystal with new baby Abigail Hope are ministering in Mexico alongside 2002 TMS graduate Luis Contreras at  "Palabra de Gracia" (Word of Grace) Seminary in Mexico City.

Though English is his "mother-tongue", Josiah speaks Spanish fluently and is charged with overseeing the biblical languages taught at the Mexico City Seminary.

Josiah describes his introduction to the Spanish language:

"Three weeks before graduating from The Master's College, a friend of mine was in my room, sifting through Spanish flashcards and asked me, "Josiah, you're really good with languages, why don't you learn Spanish?"  I responded  "Why would I want to do that?"  As a biblical languages major, I had learned Greek and Hebrew.  I realized that I was stuck in the middle of Los Angeles, where the predominant language is Spanish, and yet wouldn't lift a finger to reach them. I went to my room in tears that night, praying that God would forgive me for my very prejudiced comment. That day I began praying that the Lord would give me a love for the Hispanic people.  Not more than two months after graduation, I flew  down to Mexico to learn Spanish from a non-English speaking Missionary Family.  It was there, in Guadalajara, that I met my wife Crystal.

Upon returning to the U.S., I took a position as Hospital Chaplain at Los Angeles County Hospital. Since about 80% of the patients were Spanish speaking, I was confronted daily with the needs of Hispanic people.  One of my primary goals became the training of native spanish-speaking pastors. They will be able to minister far more effectively than I ever would.  They would not only understand the language/culture better than me, but they are accepted far more easily. Also, if I could see 50 people in a day, 100 trained pastors can see 5,000.  Therefore, when Luis Contreras told me the Seminary in Mexico City has to turn people down because of the lack of faculty, I knew what the Lord would have me do."

Pray with us for Josiah, Luis, and the Mexico City team as they train pastors to faithfully proclaim the Truth.

Together for the Gospel,

Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations
The Master’s Seminary

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