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Big Moves for Drs. Mark and Lisa Tatlock

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Fall 2008 will be remembered forever by Drs. Mark (M.Div. '91) and Lisa Tatlock.  Not only was Mark appointed Senior Vice President and Provost of The Master's College, but on April 4th, 2008, the Tatlocks finalized their adoption of 3 year old Paul and 8 month old Olivia from the country of Uganda.

Mark and Lisa are no strangers to international adoption. In addition to their two biological sons, Jacob and Josiah, they have already adopted one daughter (Hope) from China.  The Tatlocks' passion for adoption goes beyond their personal experience. Mark suggests that Christians in particular should look into adoption not only because of the great need, but also because it is the ultimate picture of the gospel. Though the expense of adoption can appear overwhelming, there are numerous sources to help with finances.  Not surprisingly, the Tatlock's have not ruled out more adoption in the future, and have even considered foster adoption, specifically with a biracial or special needs child.

Prior to becoming TMC Vice President and Provost, Mark was prepared for the position by his mentor, and outgoing TMC Provost, Dick Mayhue.  This transition will allow Dr. Mayhue to be at the Seminary five days per week and to renew his efforts on long-awaited writing projects.  Mark previously served TMC in a number of roles, including Vice President of Student Life, Associate Dean of Students, Director of International Ministries, and Resident Director.  After teaching full time for 12 years at TMC herself, Lisa now teaches part time and has co-authored three books: Becoming a Woman who Pleases God, Developing a Lifestyle that Pleases God, and Loving Friends, Loving Strangers: A Biblical View of Hospitality.

Pray with us for Mark as he leads the day to day operation of the college, and for the Tatlock family as Paul and Olivia adjust to life in their new culture, nurtured in love for the Savior.


Together for the Gospel,


Bob White
Vice President
Development and Operations
The Master’s Seminary

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