1. 1.  What is the 2015 Summit on Inerrancy all about?
  2. 2.  Why Expository Preaching?
  3. 3.  How does God's sovereignty and man's responsibility work together in salvation?
  4. 4.  Why do you believe that babies or young children go to heaven at death?
  5. 5.  Why are you a cessationist?
  6. 6.  Why do you put such a high importance on the local church?
  7. 7.  Why do you use a "literal" hermeneutic to interpret scripture?
  8. 8.  Why do you believe in an "early" earth?
  9. 9.  What are the essential elements of the Gospel?
  10. 10.  What is the Unpardonable sin?
  11. 11.  Can Christians be Demon Possessed?
  12. 12.  Is the Bible Inerrant & Infallible?
  13. 13.  Why do you and TMS put such a strong emphasis on global ministry?
  14. 14.  How can one God be explained as three persons?
  15. 15.  What is the "rapture" and where is it taught in the Bible?
  16. 16.  What does “justified by works” mean as discussed in James 2:21,24?
  17. 17.  What happens to a true believer after death?
  18. 18.  Who or what group decided on the traditional canon of 66 Bible books?

About the President
  • Dr. John MacArthur has served as president of The Master's Seminary since it was founded in 1985. He is senior pastor of Grace Community Church where he has served for over forty years. John teaches Expository Preaching and regularly speaks in chapel. These answers, presented in a brief format, come from years of prayerful study and experience. We hope they serve to glorify Christ by clarifying specific doctrinal issues with a biblical response.