The following is not a complete list of the graduates/churches of men who attended TMS. Numerous graduates of TMS are not listed because they have not updated their contact information, and some because of significant doctrinal or philosophy of ministry differences from the seminary.

Please click on any graduate below to view their most recent ministry involvement and contact information.

Valle, Marco
Hercules, CA 
Vaughan, Mark
Roanoke, VA 
Viguier, Philippe
Thousand Oaks, CA 
Van Straaten, Anton
Orland, CA 
Vaughn, Greg
Eagle River, AK 
Viljoen, Matt
Glen Austin,  South Africa
Varak, Florent
Villeurbanne,  France
Vaughn, Jason
Las Vegas, NV 
Vincent, Milton
Riverside, CA 
Varughese, Alvin
Sun Valley, CA 
Venter, Desmond
Kingsburgh,  South Africa
Vo, John
Whitter, CA 
Vaughan, Bill
Auburn, CA 
Videira-Soengas, Ruben
Leon,  Spain
Vusich, Joe
Sutton, NE