2014 Distinguished Scholar Series – January 5-10, 2015
Dr. Larry Pettegrew —

Winterim Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a TMS alumnus, how do I register to attend?

    Send an email to the faculty secretary, Dana Waller, at

  • Will I have access to the course documents?

    Yes! You will be able to download the syllabus under your TMS login and all relevant course files no later than the first day of class.

  • What is the cost for alumni?

    As with all our classes, there is no charge for auditing the class if you have previously graduated from TMS.

  • I am a TMS alumnus, can I bring elders or other people from my church to attend with me?

    Because our classroom capacity is limited, and in order to preserve the teacher-student classroom dynamic, the in-person class seating is limited to TMS students and alumni.

  • How do I livestream?

    For Alumni, please see instructional email for link and directions how to access the livestream. If you are an alumnus and did not receive the instructional email, please contact Dana Waller at For public viewing, this course will eventually be available on the Theological Resource Center at

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Past Years

Duane Garrett (2014)
The Book of Job

Robert Yarborough (2013)
Exposition of 1-3 John

John S. Feinberg (2012)
Contemporary Ethics

Charlie Dyer (2011)
Exposition of Jeremiah and Lamentations

Bruce Ware (2010)
The Universal Reign of the Triune God

Daniel Block (2009)
For the Glory of God: A Biblical Theology of Worship

Douglas Moo (2008)
The Letter of James: A Call to Wholistic Christianity

John Hannah (2007)
Readings in the Life and Writings of Jonathan Edwards, America's Premiere Christian Thinker

Ralph Alexander (2006)
A Study of Ezekiel

R. Kent Hughes (2005)
The Ministry in Second Corinthians

Steven Lawson (2004)
Preaching the Psalms

Wayne A. Grudem (2003)
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Harold Hoehner (2002)
Exposition of Ephesians

Eugene Merrill (2001)
Theology of the Pentateuch

Thomas R. Edgar (2000)
Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Acts and First Corinithians

John S. Feinberg (1999)
Continuity and Discontinuity Between the Testaments

George W. Knight III (1998)
Studies in the Pastoral Epistles

Walter C. Kaiser (1997)
Old Testament Ethics

Stanley D. Toussaint (1996)
Exposition of Galatians

John Woodbridge (1995)
History of Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism

John A. Sproule (1994)
Exposition of Hebrews

Kenneth L. Barker (1993)
Scope of OT Theology as Fulfilled in Christ's First and Second Advent

Robert L. Saucy (1992)
Dispensational Theology

Homer A. Kent Jr. (1991)
Exposition of the Book of Acts

S. Lewis Johnson Jr. (1990)
Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament

Since 1990 The Master's Seminary has offered a special course in the "winterim" period between the Fall and Spring semesters. Entitled the Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series, the seminary invites outstanding evangelical scholars from the areas of New Testament, Old Testament, Theology, and Bible Exposition to lecture on specialized topics in their area of expertise. The classes are open to current students and graduates and offer two units of academic credit.

The Winterim series is open to all TMS students, and, as always, TMS graduates may take advantage of this exciting opportunity tuition-free. Contact Dana Waller at the seminary (, or 818-909-5642) for more information.