The Diploma of Theology program is designed with the same purpose as the Bachelor of Theology program. It is limited to a select number of applicants who are beyond the average age of college students and who have a consistent record of commendable Christian ministry experience. However, it differs from the Bachelor of Theology program in that it does not require the minimum of 60 units of undergraduate general education credits. In general, such applicants are older than the average seminary student and have circumstances of life that make the acquisition of an undergraduate education impractical.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements listed in the previous paragraph, and to the general admission requirements listed later in this catalog, applicants for the Diploma of Theology program must present a letter of reference from a church board documenting effective ministry experience and recommending the applicant for intensive study and for continuing ministry.

Program Requirements

The curriculum, residence, and candidacy requirements for the Diploma of Theology are the same as those for the Master of Divinity degree with the following exceptions:

  1. A grade point average of only 2.0 is required for graduation
  2. Writing a thesis is not permitted