Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in our Doctor of Ministry program. We trust that God will direct as you consider it for further training.

Designed as a three-year program, the D.Min. is intended for the M.Div.- or Th.M.-trained pastor who is engaged in the weekly exposition of Scripture. The program is structured to allow a pastor to remain in his ministry while pursuing the D.Min degree. During each of the first two years, three weeks of seminar instruction is required on the TMS campus - two in July and one in January (including Sundays). Intensive reading and research will precede the on-campus seminars, followed by post-seminar assignments that apply the material to the student's preaching ministry. In the third year, the student will develop and implement a major preaching research project synthesizing his preaching skills, research methods, theological understanding, and practical ministry abilities.

During his studies, the student will be exposed to some of the leading biblical expositors of this generation who will preach to, interact with, and teach students along with the resident TMS faculty. A maximum of fifteen men will be accepted into the program each year allowing for significant personal attention.


The Master's Seminary Doctor of Ministry degree offers the following distinctives:

  1. Designed for the seasoned pastor with a M.Div. or Th.M. who has the capabilities and desires to significantly improve both the content and delivery of his expository preaching
  2. Features a uniquely focused curriculum on the exegesis and exposition of Scripture at the doctoral level
  3. Taught by seminary professors and full-time expositors
  4. Requires elder qualification, taught in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, as a basis for entrance into the program
  5. Involves a cohort model; developing meaningful relationships among fellow expositors.

Seminar Timing and Overview

During the initial two years of the program, students will attend seminars conducted on the TMS campus. The July visit will include four seminars the first year and three the second. The January term will include two seminars each visit. See below for a breakdown of seminars held on the TMS campus. Seminar units are in the parentheses.

Preparatory Initial Personal Preaching Evaluation (1)
  July January
Year 1

Historical & Contemporary Models of Expository Preaching (3)
Hermeneutics & Exposition (4)
Doctoral Research & Methods (1)
Forum One (1/2)

Preaching the Old Testament (4)
Forum Two (1/2)

Year 2

Preaching the New Testament (4)
Theological Trends & Doctrinal Preaching (4)
Forum Three (1/2)

Homiletics & Sermon Delivery (4)
Forum Four (1/2)

Year 3

Final Personal Preaching Evaluation (1)
Preaching Research Project (8)

Admission Requirements

  1. An application fee of $50.
  2. A minimum of five years of post-M.Div. and/or post-Th.M. ministry experience, including the weekly exposition of Scripture.
  3. Completion of the TMS application (enclosed).
  4. A 3x5 page paper which includes: (1) a dated ministry history/resume and (2) personal objectives for pursuing the D.Min. degree.
  5. A letter of support from the pastor's leadership board.
  6. Videotapes or DVDs containing two of the applicant's recent sermons, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. The applicant is to include exegetical research notes and copies of the notes or manuscripts from which the sermons were preached.


The total cost of the degree program (not including books, lodging, travel, copying etc.) is $14,915

Application fee $50
July 18.5 Units x $425* $3613
Jan 14.5 Units x $425* $1913
July 28.5 Units x $425* $3613
Jan 24.5 Units x $425* $1913
Year 39 Units x $425* $3613
Project Binding $75
Graduation Fee $125
Total $14,915
* Unit price is subject to change.
  • Year three includes personal preaching evaluation unit (1).
  • Year three also includes the confirmation project fees and the project submission fee.

Payment options include:

  • Prepayment in total or per semester.

*All accounts must remain current to continue in the program.


Students are responsible for travel, lodging, and meal expenses incurred during TMS on-site seminars. These expenses are not included in the program costs. The Master's Seminary will suggest an area hotel at which the cohort of fifteen men can reside together. Since the cohort experience and personal relationships are significant features of the program, it is suggested (though not required) that the cohort stay in the same hotel. Additionally, for those who wish to share a room, the individual lodging expense can be cut in half. The Master's College in Santa Clarita also provides lodging for $18 dollars a night, however you must provide your own linens.

Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to call our office or email us at We are praying that God gives you wisdom while you prayerfully consider The Master's Seminary's D.Min. degree program.

Because preaching is paramount,

Richard Mayhue, Th. D.
Director of D.Min. Studies